Document management’s primary mission is to solve problems.

Paper is a medium open to any content. In the digital age, however, a further issue arises related to a lack of flexibility. If documents are only available as hardcopies, they cannot be edited after the fact. The problem, however, actually begins much earlier than this when the files are printed in an unsecure process. For this very reason, TA Triumph-Adler developed compact software solutions designed to address these specific issues.

Three questions for Olaf Stammer

Question: What are the benefits of digitising documents?

Answer: Employees spend 142 hours a year in archiving and searching for documents. This figure continues to be much too high. Time will become one of the main currencies on the market. Companies that utilise modern scanning, archiving and workflow solutions have more time to devote to their core operations and will be more competitive.

Question: How can documents be securely and simply digitised?

Answer: The main requirement is optimal character recognition (OCR) software that automatically detects the scanned documents. These documents can then be converted into Word, Excel or PDF files and then easily edited and archived.

Question: What are the advantages offered by TA Triumph-Adler solutions?

Answer: We begin by closely examining what exactly is required, be it just scanning, archiving or fully digitised workflows for digital invoicing processes, for example. The main advantage is that our solutions are perfectly matched to meet the customer’s specific requirements. One real benefit is being able to search, edit and rapidly find files. Intuitive one-touch operation via the MFP system’s display also makes archiving much easier.

„In short, we identify security gaps and eliminate them.“

Olaf Stammer, Head of Solution Marketing

Your solution to security issues with your print system!

Professional hackers have begun targeting printer and multifunctional systems in recent years to gain access to data from private enterprises and public institutions. TA Triumph-Adler tells you how to achieve effective security.

The answer is encrypted printing. Encryption has long been in standard use when transferring and storing data with online banking. One factor people often overlooked is that hard drives and other components in printer systems are open to attack from many different directions since all data communications can be reconstructed.

What are your security requirements? TA Triumph-Adler will gladly advise you on what software solution is the right one for you.