TA BusinessOptimizer Mail: Digital e-mail storage - audit-compliant & fully researchable

  • First ECM solution for bulk business developed together with sister company Ceyoniq Technology GmbH
  • New user-friendly and comprehensive solution for e-mail archiving with audit-compliant storage and observance of retention periods
  • Fully researchable archive makes it possible to create a "knowledge database"

Nuremberg, 21 June 2017. TA Triumph-Adler GmbH is now offering a comprehensive solution for digital e-mail storage with "TA BusinessOptimizer Mail". "TA BusinessOptimizer Mail" enables users to archive e-mails in an audit-compliant manner, benefiting from features such as a user-friendly researchable e-mail database, as well as relieving the strain on the e-mail server. The software can be operated by users who have no prior knowledge or training. The program is based on the "nscale" software from Triumph-Adler's sister company Ceyoniq Technology and can be used as a basis for expanding an ECM or DMS system.

"TA BusinessOptimizer Mail" offers full compliance with the legal requirements for digital business mail: The tamper-proof and non-deletable storage enables users to archive business-relevant e-mails with absolute legal assurance and audit compliance - according to GoBD, AO, HGB and GoBS. For example, legally prescribed retention periods can be observed for tax-relevant documents, mails for the provision of evidence can be exported as necessary, or the subsequent modification of mails can be prevented. Transparency: Responsible parties can also use "TA BusinessOptimizer Mail" to track who has sent or received e-mails and when.

Comprehensive functionality and relief of the burden on mail servers

Relieving the burden on mail servers: "TA BusinessOptimizer Mail" does not store the incoming mails, including all attachments, on the company-internal mail server, but rather transfers the entire mail correspondence to the TA BusinessOptimizer Mail archive system as it arrives. The same also applies to outgoing e-mails. Users access e-mails recovery and user-friendly search functions from "TA BusinessOptimizer Mail": Users can search the stored mails and their attachments using full-text search or by means of parameters such as subject, date, file format or address.

Conversion of the e-mail archive into a "knowledge database"

"TA BusinessOptimizer Mail" enables users to convert their e-mail archives into a convenient e-mail knowledge database including comments on invoices, contract agreements, orders or price lists. This means that even extensive datasets can be swiftly retrieved. Users can specify in detail whether all mails should be archived ("jounaling" function), or just a previously defined portion (mailbox archiving). In addition, the application operates with a convenient recovery functionm which can be used in the event of an e-mail server failure, for example.

Relief and protection against spam

Ease of installation: "TA BusinessOptimizer Mail" can be integrated into an existing infrastructure or IT management. Because the application runs in the background without user interaction, it does not affect the workflow or the user's usual way of working. In addition, mail servers are also relieved by "single instance storage": This is because "TA Business Optimizer Mail" recognizes identical content in already stored e-mails, as well as serial mail shots with many recipients and does not duplicate them. "TA BusinessOptimizer Mail" only archives e-mails that haves already passed a company's spam filter. This avoids the risk that unwanted mails will be stored.

Well-equipped for the future

Olaf Stammer, Head of Solution Marketing: "The legally-based archiving of business e-mail traffic implemented since the beginning of the year requires a user-friendly, audit-complaint solution with a wide range of functions. This is the only way to prevent the potential nuisance of lack of information during an audit. With TA BusinessOptimizer Mail, we provide a product that is preciselay tailored to the needs of the user. This is not a complex enterprise content management system, but still provides the most important functions of an ECM for the e-mail area. On request, users can, of course, extend the software to afill ECM at any time.

Expansion of new soltuion and service concepts

"TA BusinessOptimizer Mail" is the first ECM solution for bulk business, which we are offering together with our sister company Ceyoniq Technology GmbH, " says Dr. Daniel Wagenführer, General Manager Business Development Sales & Service Group. "We are thus pursuing our strategy of consistently expanding new solutions and service concepts."

About TA Triumph-Adler GmbH

TA Triumph-Adler GmbH is the German document business expert. 117 years of history mean it is a brand with one of the richest traditions in the ICT sector. Today the company develops and delivers comprehensive managed document services (MDS) that cover the entire document handling process. The aim is to support the ongoing trend towards networking and mobilisation of office work. The services include the individual analysis and advice of business customers, the implementation of an IT-based document workflow and continuous process optimisation using the own asset and system management solution TA Cockpit, which has received awards such as the IT Innovation Award 2011. The company is a full-range supplier in document management and operates an in-house financial service provider called TA Leasing GmbH, which provides business customers with a wide range of financing options. TA Triumph-Adler is renowned for its personal customer support and extensive service across Germany, which is certified by TÜV Süd. In Germany the company distributes via direct sales with a dense network of regional Solution Centres in 35 locations, of which 29 are distribution sites. On top of these there are 13 further locations in five countries as well as distribution partners in EMEA. With the Triumph-Adler foundation ‘Triumph für Kinder’ (account no. 5 260 500, Branch code 760 400 61), the company takes social and socio-political responsibility, is committed to environmental protection and follows an efficient and comprehensive corporate governance strategy. In October 2010, Kyocera Document Solutions Inc., based in Osaka, Japan, acquired a 100 per cent stake in TA Triumph-Adler GmbH and its registered UTAX brand. The company has its head offices in Nuremberg and its operational headquarters in Norderstedt, located just north of Hamburg.